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posted by: Darlene Kempema on 1/17/2019

Dear Staff: My husband is an alcoholic and he got into a head on collision and was hospitalized. This has been going on under my nose for many years. My life is broken and I am paralyzed with anger, pain. When this incident happened I was suicidal. Although my children are adults they are not handling this latest episode very well. I spoke with Angela on the phone yesterday and she was wonderful. Please pray for my family and that my husband gets the help he so desperately needs.
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Prayer for a friend's granddaughters - serious.....
posted by: June Greathouse on 1/16/2019

We received a prayer request from the father of the Army pilot you prayed for - who had air on his brain - and is now miraculously back to flying. His father asked if we could pray for Adam's little daughter,Hannah, who is about 3 years of age - and also another little granddaughter, Vivian, because "our prayer group is so powerful"..... They are so appreciative of all your prayers for Adam, who had thought his career as an air force pilot was ending - but is now back to flying. Hannah is his 3 year old daughter. She has burns on her face and body from hot coffee being spilled on her by her babysitter. She will be o.k. but the doctors say there will be scarring. Another 4 year old grandchild, Vivian, is in the hospital in Italy with pneumonia. They are concerned because the care over there is not as good as in the USA. They are also in the military. We know we serve a powerful, loving Lord, who especially loves the little children and we know that with Him "all things are possible". Their healing will be an incredible testimony of the power of God at work because of the prayers of the saints. Thank you so much for praying for these wonderful people, especially as they serve our country. Both families are with the military. Bless you all, June
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Megan ~ Healing
posted by: Sandy Takeda on 1/13/2019

A friend's daughter, Megan, is a young mother of two and a teacher. She is in a coma after her heart stopped during a procedure at a clinic. While transporting her to the hospital, her brain was oxygen deprived.
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Father-in-Law, George
posted by: Sandy Takeda on 1/13/2019

George is home and has a home health care worker after a stay in the hospital/nursing home for 10 days. Pray that he recovers some stregth, that his pain can be managed (cancer), and that he cooperates with his caregiver.
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Family of Kathy Knisley (Daughter-in -law)
posted by: Don and Thanh KHl3nisley on 1/11/2019

Kathy's brother, Tan'ce, died recently. Please pray for Kathy, and her mother and father Calvina and Henry Moore. Very few details available at this time.
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Financial Breakthrough, Employment
posted by: Seth on 1/9/2019

I have a serious financial issue right now. I really need a financial miracle. Please pray that God will enable me to get my credit card bill paid off, and pray that I will have money in my account. Also, pray that God will provide me with a well-paying part-time job immediately, that will help pay off my credit card bill, and works around my college schedule. Thanks for your prayers.
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Debra's Son
posted by: Debra Riddell on 1/7/2019

Please pray for Debra's son he had a major stroke and is being transported to a hospital in Modesto where Debra is traveling to be with him now.
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Reggie Thompson
posted by: Mary Inman on 1/3/2019

Reggie was admitted to CMH for a heart attack. Please lift him and the family in prayer. CMH Rm# 5203 on the 5th floor.
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Prayers for a miracle
posted by: Angela lukavsky on 1/3/2019

Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua dale Watson’s mood and health.... josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old.
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On the mend
posted by: Vera Williams on 12/30/2018

I'm on the mend, couple more days and I'm feeling much better! Thank you for the prayers my church family! I love you all! Happy New Year! God is good!
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