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Prayer For Ease in Transition and comfort for loved ones
posted by: Laurel Robinson on 11/7/2018

Heard my northern CA church friend Ary has a hospice team at home. They do not expect her to live very long with heart and kidney failure.
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Guide me; guide my physicians.
posted by: restored on 11/5/2018

An RN will soon visit my home to begin the application process for Home Help. My home care services are costly. I can't function without the services. I know that God has my needs covered. My current Awesomeness Helper is with IHSS. She will be with me when the home reviewer visits. We plan to show the IHSS visitor the $200-250 monthly expense and what needs are met with her help. Oh my God, my Lord, be here, thick with Your Spirit...
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Had triple bypass heart surgery Friday
posted by: Kevin (my brother) on 11/1/2018

Pleas pray that he makes it through the recovery process & becomes healthier. He had a bad night last night and had to be revived. Also that he really listens to the Lord Jesus and lets go of any bitterness from the past so that he can move forward in life. Thank you
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posted by: Brian Sperling on 10/31/2018

Please pray that the Lord will heal my son Henry Sperling. Within 6 weeks Henry went from stumbling a bit to not being able to walk at all. Both the doctors at Er and Henry’s own doctor could not find out what the problem was. They even suggested that the problem could be in Henry’s mind! Please pray that the Lord will keep Henry alive and give his new doctor wisdom concerning his affliction. Henry is 9 years old. Thank you.
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In triple bypass surgery now
posted by: My brother Kevin on 10/26/2018

Pray please that he makes it through and also he recovers well afterwards. Thank you
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Tippy Taylor Returns Home
posted by: Terry Long on 10/25/2018

Thank you to all who prayed for Tippy. She came home this morning after an overnight stay in the hospital. Tippy has been diagnosed and will be receiving ongoing care, but for now, she's back to work and feeling much better. Thank you, again for praying!
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Tippy Taylor in ER
posted by: Terry Long on 10/24/2018

Tippy Taylor is our hardworking Food Pantry Receptionist. We believe Tippy may have had a seizure this morning as she was unresponsive when it was her normal waking time. She was taken to VCMC by ambulance, and we are waiting to hear back from Mike. Please pray for her healing and for wisdom for those who are attending to her.
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Prayer for Reggie Thompson
posted by: Mary on 10/22/2018

Mary called the church office to inform that her father Reggie Thompson has been admitted to CMH due to a heart attack. Mary is out of the state and is asking for Prayer for her father Reggie.
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Prayer for Adam/ Hurricane in Florida
posted by: June Greathouse on 10/10/2018

Adam and family are evacuated from the hurricane but don't know how their home will be at their return. The jets from the air base were taken to safety before the storm hit. Pray for all those in that area to be safe. Adam's sister said to thank you for all your prayers. Adam has completely healed and is able to fly.BPS
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A good Christian friend had a severe stroke
posted by: Laurel Robinson on 10/6/2018

Please pray for my friend Jerry Cox. He is in a rehabilitation facility and wants his independent living back. Thank you
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