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Need God's Help
posted by: Seth on 4/10/2019

Please pray for me. I need God’s help, I need clarity, I need direction, I need wisdom to get through this time, and I need God’s provision to get me through. Please pray that God will move many powerful prayer warriors to pray for me during this time. Pray that God will reveal to them exactly how to pray for me, with wisdom, insight and direction. Thank you.
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posted by: Sue Stork on 4/9/2019

Please pray for Sue Stork's father Dave Stork and the all the family. Dave Stork is not expecting to live in his current condition.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Donnie Paulin on 4/8/2019

On march 18, 2019 I was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called Factor Five Lieden. The disease puts me a high risk for blood clots (DVT) please keep me in your prayers. Thank you.
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Baby Jaden
posted by: Pastor Jim Duran on 4/5/2019

Please lift up baby Jaden in prayer. Please pray that the tube they have been trying to get in since this morning will enter Jaden’s vein. This is very important for him to get nutrition. Baby Jaden is fighting for his life. Please pray for a miracle. Please pray knowing that nothing is impossible for God! Also, please pray for peace and strength for Leilani. May I ask you to pray as soon as you read this email. The more of us praying the better.
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Urgent Prayer for baby Jaden
posted by: Leilani Dockery on 4/5/2019

Jaden is in the PICU at the children’s hospital in LA....he has a brain injury... he’s been off all sedation for three hours... we haven’t been able to get him to wake up, move or breathe on his own we are getting antibiotics in him to help Infection in his lungs.
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Urgent Prayers Needed
posted by: For Charlie Watson on 4/3/2019

He’s having an angioplasty. He’s only partially sedated. The doctors are not liking how a the stint looks. Please pray for wisdom and healing.
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Praise Report & Continued Prayers
posted by: Joe Burgess on 4/3/2019

Good morning the hospital has moved my Mom. Her tests went great yesterday and they were able to find the spot and fix the place she was bleeding from. If her blood work and vitals remain stable she maybe able to get out of the hospital today. Thanks for all the support and continued prayers.
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Praise Report & Continued Prayers
posted by: Charlie Watson on 4/3/2019

It's a miracle! Charlie Watson survived a stroke and went into emergency surgery on Tuesday evening. The surgery went incredibly well and Charlie is doing wonderful. He is still in the critical care unit but progressing well. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery. Also pray for strength for Penny as she continues to walk through this with her husband.
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Charlie Watson
posted by: Nancy Andrews on 4/1/2019

Charlie Watson is being taken to the hospital with a possible stroke. Please pray for his healing, for wisdom for the doctors, and for peace (for him and for Penny).
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Reggie Thompson
posted by: Mary on 4/1/2019

Reggie was admitted to the hospital for fluid on his lungs. Mary his daughter is asking for prayers.
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