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Prayer for Healing
posted by: Arturo on 7/16/2019

Prayer for healing for his brain injury.
I will pray  
Prayers for Brad
posted by: Valeri and Brad Newsham on 7/15/2019

Bless Brad and give him sweet dreams. Speak to him and anoint the good night prayers i send to him. May they speak your word to him, through the Holy Spirit that abides in me. Open up his heart to receive your unconditional love. Open his mind so he may gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding of your word. By your divine intervention give him courage and strength in his struggles. I bind the spirit of fear and pride in Jesus Name Amen
I will pray  
Pray for my grandson and the family
posted by: Ruth Marit Utnes on 7/14/2019

Please pray for my grandson who is 28 years of age. He has been tired for a long time. Pray for his mother and father too. Pray also for me his grandmother. Pray for proctection against evil spirites. Thank you in advance
I will pray  
Urgent Prayer Request
posted by: Cynthia Juarez on 7/13/2019

Jaclyn Ware is a Tender Life Graduate and needs our prayers. She is currently in the hospital battling an acute sinus infection that’s putting pressure on her brain. Her nose won’t stop swelling and her insurance doesn’t cover an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor to come back and drain her nose again. She has been in the hospital for about a week now and has her son Peyton being cared for by her dad. Please pray that the lord heals Jaclyn from this horrible sinus infection and restores her body back to good health and for wisdom for the doctors.
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posted by: Darlene Kempema on 7/7/2019

My husband is going through the court system because he got into an accident and he was very drunk. I am praying for mercy and healing and forgiveness. He is 6 months sober from the day of the accident and going through the AA programs. I also pray that the court does not incarcerate him. He has never been in trouble he just lost his way.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Ed Dermity on 7/2/2019

My colon is completely destroyed. I was at CMH all of last week and found out that I have terminal cancer. I pray that God heals me.
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Urgent Prayers Needed
posted by: Arthur Ledesma on 7/2/2019

Arthur is currently in the the hospital's critical care unit here in Ventura. Please pray for healing and recovery.
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posted by: Gail Blasingame for Ruth on 6/27/2019

Please pray for Ruth, a lady who got hit by a car while on her scooter. Ruth is currently in the hospital with injury.
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Prayer for Healing from cancer
posted by: Dorothy Wymore for her son Paul on 6/24/2019

Dottie Wymore called from Iowa. Dotti is asking for prayers of Healing for her son Paul, who is currently battling a rough fight with cancer. Please Pray.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Natasha for her son Jacob on 6/18/2019

Please pray for Natasha's son Jacob, he is in the world as a non believer. Jacob told his Natasha that he is going to get a 666 tattoo. Jacob also has a daughter.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
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