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Phil's Mom ~ Betty
posted by: Phil Gleason on 7/29/2019

C Diff is COMPLETELY gon in two days after having it for two weeks. Pneumonia is on it's way OUT COMPLETELY and the doctor and social worker are deciding on what the next step will be when Betty gets released from the hospital.
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posted by: Brian Sperling on 7/28/2019

Please pray for the salvation of Bartolo Carbajal. He is dying of kidney disease in Mexico. Thank you.
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Garry Boyer
posted by: The River Church Office on 7/24/2019

Thank you for your prayers for Garry! He is being released from the hospital today with a change of medication for a pre-existing condition and a diagnosis that can be treated for the plaque buildup in his left ventricle. Both Carolyn and Garry would appreciate continue prayers for God's provision for Garry's health and for their finances.
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In hospital heart and breathing issues
posted by: Garry Boyer on 7/23/2019

Transfering him to Ventura for procedures stress testing
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Mom ~ Betty
posted by: Phil Gleason on 7/23/2019

My Mom, Betty, has been in isolation for 12 days with C-Diff and now has pneumonia. If it doesn't turn around by Thursday, she will be going home on hospice. BUT GOD!!!
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posted by: R.C.F. on 7/22/2019

Parent family member has cancer and sister has ADHD. Prayer for the complete end to all sufferings as final cure for all cancers.
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please pray
posted by: ren coen on 7/22/2019

Please pray, there is an old website up on the Internet .. it's a discrimination case from 12 years ago. I was younger woman back then, and harassed by men. Please pray that God gets it taken off the Internet. It talks about my medical problems, it mentions incitements. I want to move on with my life without having it just sitting there for all to read. I don't want to talk about it. Please pray this gets taken off the Internet. I have been praying for years. Please pray, thank you.
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posted by: Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy on 7/20/2019

please pray to send me a healing cup from Jesus and heal my DNA and send away the enemy of abandonment and rejection and send Satans Choice away and heal my brain of all diseases and restore my soul from abuses and restore my nasal cavity and renew my mind with God's love and heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw heart from loss and heartbreak. Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy
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Prayers for boxer who trains in Oxnard
posted by: Maxim Dadashev -Boxer on 7/20/2019

prayers for my former team mate who had to undergo surgery for a subdural hematoma after his fight last night.
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Son - Blake
posted by: Kymberly Bennett on 7/19/2019

I need an immediate prayer chain to be sent up in behalf of my precious son Blake. He has been suffering with headaches and quick sharp pains to his eyebrow area this last year. I put up a battle to get him a brain MRI and MRI of his neck. They finally approved it and two days ago he got one. The next day we were called in to the Dr.’s and they said they found an abnormality. They said it’s either a tumor the size of a dime - or a stroke/ Aneurysm happened sometime. Blake and I are extremely close - so I fell apart when they told us this. He is my complete world. Yesterday was a horrible train wreck of emotions. But I went in to his bedside- got on my knees at 4am and I declared war. I have to fight the enemy who is attacking my son. They are putting a rush on a neurologist- we will know a lot more after that appointment. God has the power to breath healing into Blake and make this completely vanish. He needs prayer.
I will pray  
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