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Reggie Thompson
posted by: Mary Inman on 1/3/2019

Reggie was admitted to CMH for a heart attack. Please lift him and the family in prayer. CMH Rm# 5203 on the 5th floor.
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Prayers for a miracle
posted by: Angela lukavsky on 1/3/2019

Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift my son in law, Joshua dale Watson’s mood and health.... josh is fighting brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old.
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On the mend
posted by: Vera Williams on 12/30/2018

I'm on the mend, couple more days and I'm feeling much better! Thank you for the prayers my church family! I love you all! Happy New Year! God is good!
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Healing of Immune System
posted by: Vera Williams on 12/19/2018

In a short period I've had stomach bug, bladder infection, yeast infection, pulled muscle lower back, fibro flare up, head/chest cold , UTI , I'm on antibiotics
I will pray 11 people are praying.
Hearing God's Direction Clearly
posted by: Seth on 12/14/2018

I only have one more semester before I graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I’ve been seeking direction from the Lord, but honestly, I haven’t heard His direction very clearly. Please pray that I will hear clearly from the Lord what His next step is for me. Pray that I will hear the Lord’s calling, purpose and vocation for my life. Pray that the Lord will remove everything that might hinder hearing His direction for me. Also, pray that God will help me to seek him and seek him until he fully reveals every dimension of my next step, and opens all the doors.
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The Birney family
posted by: A Good Friend on 11/29/2018

A friend of mine died from breast cancer last year, her 20-yr old grandson died of brain cancer this past summer, her daughter lost everything in the recent fires, and her husband fell while competitively biking over the weekend and is in a drug induced coma. Broken shoulder, clavicle and reattached part of his face. The family is in tremendous pain.
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Syd Kraul
posted by: Jon Rickard on 11/28/2018

Our step brother, Syd Kraul, was medivacked to Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu last night, suffering from a massive brain tumor. He'll be undergoing surgery soon and needs all the help he can get. They suspect it's the same type as McCain's. Thank you in advance.
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My mom's pastor in Illinois
posted by: Tina Hernandez on 11/27/2018

I'd like to call in some prayer warriors for my mom's Pastor, Andy. Last week he donated a kidney. Since then he has almost become septic because they nicked another organ while they were doing the surgery. Now fluid is collecting where the kidney was, he has a fever and his white blood count is up. Please agree with me for his complete healing, peace over his family and peace for my mom who is having a hard time with this.
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Praise report re: Mike Matthew/ fire
posted by: June Greathouse on 11/10/2018

I just received news from Mike' mother that he was able to return to see his home, which miraculously survived but has lots of smoke damage. His neighbor's home across the street was burned to the ground. Mike also owns a rental house that was completely burned. Thank you for your prayers to date and for your continued prayers for all the people whose lives have been turned upside down because of all the tragic fires.
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Prayer for Mike Matthew and family
posted by: June Greathouse on 11/9/2018

Mike's mother called me from Kansas to tell me that Mike had just lost his home to the fire in Agoura Hills. He only had time to quickly pack a few things and leave as the fire unexpectedly approached. Mike has graciously given his time to present Suicide Prevention Seminars at The River in the past - so I would appreciate your prayers for him through this difficult time - something completely unexpected. Thank you.
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