Steven Karnazes, Executive Pastor
work: (805) 648-7955
Our Executive Pastor, Steven Karnazes, has 36 years of ministry experience. He has served as an
Associate Pastor and started many ministry programs including his last term of
7 years at a local church in Ventura where he started and grew both the Pastoral
Care Team and Security Medical Response Team. Steven has been very involved
in solving the local homeless epidemic here in Ventura County and served as the
Winter Warming Shelter Operator for 3 years.
Steven has 36 years of tactical medicine and law enforcement experience. The
last half of his career was spent in Tactical Helicopter Operations, which has the
highest medical care that can be delivered in the State of California. He has spent
15 years now teaching tactical medicine to Police and Fire Departments in the
Southern California Area.
He has been a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor teaching an Executive
Protection Academy in Ventura for the last 15 years and has trained over 80,000
troops for the BSIS of California. His specialty has always been Executive
Protection. Being in the Southern California area, he has a long history of
protecting high end, high threat clients. He has been an EP agent to the stars as
well as protecting high end CEO’s for Google and Microsoft and the occasional
Presidential Candidate. He also recently added a clearance through the FBI and
Infraguard and serves as a local Terrorism Liaison Officer.
859 E. Santa Clara Street
Ventura, CA 93001