what we believe

I must warn you by saying that The River Community is against religion and we are against conformity.  We believe in relationships and in sharing life. The River Community is not “seeker sensitive”.  You will not get a sugar coated view of the gospel; you will receive the unvarnished truth.  “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  John 8:32(NIV)
Core Values

Loyalty – We will never give up on you.  As long as you are willing, we will be your partners in life.

Salvation – We believe that everyone has the choice to choose salvation.  We are committed to bridging the gap between people and God.

Relationships– We know that our families are a gift from God and our goal is to partner with them in having a strong and healthy household. 

Compassion – We believe that everyone needs a place to grow spiritually without fear of being judged.  Our doors are open for all who choose to walk through them. 

Personal Development– We are a community of servers that are committed to help others in developing their God-given vision.