Homeless Resources

For the Unhoused/Homeless:

~ Four handwashing stations have been placed in highly trafficked unsheltered areas. They are located at 1) The entrance to the Ventura River by the Main St. Bridge, 2) On Arundell and Channel by the bike path, 3) by the Santa Clara River Bottom close to Harbor Blvd. 4) the small linear park on Johnson.

~ Individuals with chronic conditions over 65 will start being placed into motel rooms for self-isolation to keep the individual and our community safe. There will be security and management provided by the County.

~ City and State bathrooms are still open with enhanced cleaning schedules.

~ Backpack medicine can be dispatched to any individual (sheltered or unsheltered) who is showing any sign of illness. Please call James at (805) 515-6940 if you need the team. Backpack Medicine will be going out proactively three times a week to check on those who are unsheltered.

Resources for unsheltered: https://www.vcemergency.com/homeless