Shopping Resources

~ Ralph's has set aside 7-7:30am, 7 days a week for customers ages 65 and up to shop safely.

~ Target is providing a special shopping time every Wednesday for the first hour, for shoppers aged 65 and up, pregnant women, or at risk persons as defined by the CDC.

~ CVS is offering 1 to 2 day delivery of prescriptions and everyday essentials. *until May 1, 2020

Greater Ventura Food Pantries - Please click on this link to visit foodshare and get a list of the food banks in the Greater Ventura Area. Several pantries in the area have temporarily closed so Foodshare has instituted several pop-ups. The list can be found here. Foodshare is asking that residents visit pop-up pantries in their city only so that everyone can be served. 

~ Area Agency on Aging is providing two weeks of food (and a roll of toilet paper) to seniors. Folks can pick up a box of food at 646 County Square Drive, across from Government Center in Ventura. Food can also be delivered. People should call 805-477-7352