Creation Or Evolution?
October 21, 2018     .     9:00 am - 11:00 am
Join us on Sunday, October 21st at 9 AM or 11 AM as we continue our series entitled, "One God, Many Questions".  Expert and author, William James Herath will be answering many questions...How did we get here?  How did earth populate?  Dinosaurs in the Bible?  What about Cavemen - is there such a thing - what’s the timing?  How about Giants, why are there none today?  Is it really a flat earth?  How old is the earth?

William is also going to join us for lunch while we have a Q & A session to answer all of your questions about evolution and creation.


William James Herath founded ReadySetQuestion.com which is dedicated to equipping folks in building and managing a reasonable faith of their own.

Herath is a katalogetic & apologetic speaker.  He is part of the Truth Conferences with Josh McDowell and a member of the Ratio Christi Speakers Bureau.

William writes youth curricula for high school and college groups and has served on the National Vineyard Church Curriculum Team. Also, William James Herath has written books on the pseudoscience of evolution and the theological fallacy of God using evolution to create.

Herath speaks at youth groups, winter camps, summer camps, youth retreats, creationist clubs, high schools, and middle schools.  He has been working with young people since 2006 serving five years on staff at the Westside Vineyard Church of Los Angeles as pastor of youth and currently co-directs a Ratio Christi campus ministry at UCLA.  William has strong ties with the Vineyard Church and Ratio Christi and he affirms both of their statements of faith.

William lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two children. In addition to being an author/speaker, Herath has appeared in over forty national television commercials.

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