An Open Conversation on Addiction
February 8, 2020     .     11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Please join us on Saturday, February 8, 2020 as Steve Dillon has an Open Conversation on Addiction, The Brain and Creating Positive Change in Your Life.  The workshop will go from 11 AM to 12 PM with 30 minutes of Q & A.   This event is open to the public and is FREE of charge.

I founded S. Dillon Consulting in 2011 in order to fulfill my passion for helping families affected by addiction. I have performed over a hundred successful interventions across the U.S. and my experience, strategy, and intervention model has allowed me to successfully help those affected by this all-too-present problem. This includes family members and other loved ones who begin their own path of recovery immediately.  

I am a State Certified Level 4 Addiction Treatment Counselor, a Nationally Certified Mental Health and Addiction Intervention Professional, am Certified in Alcohol/Drug Addiction and Trauma, and have BA and MA degrees.

Being in long-term recovery myself, combined with my clinical and intervention education and training, I am in a position to relate, empathize, and guide those suffering and their loved ones on a path of long-term recovery. I believe compassion, experience, understanding, and education are key to helping others.

The Brain

Addiction is a brain problem, so perhaps the most interesting, exciting and effective result of developing a model to help those affected by addiction is the necessity to help others study the brain. That is, how it works, why it operates the way it does, how it became addicted, and how to change it from a negative habitual state to a positive one.  

The good news is this change is possible and the result is an exchange of unwanted habitual negative thoughts and behaviors for thoughts and behaviors, which support a new positive purpose and life vision. So, by studying the brain and addiction, we develop tools to address this, and we, as a result, develop tools to address every area of our lives….for the better. 

I found, the reality is, many of those I was working with were missing something, and at the center was a need for change of direction and a new overall life vision. And this begins with purpose discovery. When we are not aligned with our true purpose and interests, we move through life feeling uneasy and aimless. This is not our ideal condition. 

To address this, I incorporated my findings into my Family Recovery and Restoration Program and myMoving Forward from Addiction/Substance Abuse Program. And I developed an entirely new program,Vision and Future Focus, which is for anyone who wants to make positive life changes.
All of these programs have been extremely well-received and effective!

Education / Certifications

CATC IV (Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor) 

California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators.

CIP (Certified Intervention Professional) 

Pennsylvania Certification Board.

SDUCC (Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor)

National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

Recognized by the State of California Department of Health Care Services.

MA (Master of Arts)

Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN

BA (Bachelor of Arts)

California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA.

AS (Associates of Science)

Addictive Disorder Studies Oxnard College, Oxnard, CA.

Addiction and Trauma Certification

Oxnard College, Oxnard, CA.

Post Graduate Studies:

Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA.

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