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Isaiah Michael Gonzales
posted by: Olivia Gonzales on 1/11/2018

Isaiah was born December 28, 2017 to Sarah and John Gonzales (James and Olivia's son and daughter-in-law). He has had complications since he entered this world: a fever, not eating, issues with the heart where he may need a stent put in. The good news is that his appetite has returned. Please keep this little one in prayer that an operation will not be necessary and that he will be released to go home for the first time.
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Prayer for my parents
posted by: Crystal Flores on 1/9/2018

Good Morning. My parents will be traveling to San Diego for my fathers semi truck. This weather is horrible for anyone to drive in at times, which they’ve witnessed firsthand in an accident in early 95’. Please pray for a safe trip to and from their destination. May God protect them while guiding every mile. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. AMEN.
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posted by: Vera E Williams on 1/2/2018

Nova is home from the hospital, his fevers broke but still has rash, the team of Dr's ruled out Kawasaki disease, he tested positive for Corona Virus,and rhabdomyolysis and waiting on other blood test! looks to be autoimmune, God know and is healing him! Thank you for the prayers my church family!
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Healing miracle received!
posted by: Lynda on 12/13/2017

On 24 November I asked for prayer for my friend Mary Jane Marlow who had just been diagnosed with cancer in her spine and lungs. Today she told me "the doctors gave me the news that my cancer is treatable and that I should live for years and years with a good quality of life. Love and blessings to you and your church family for all of their prayers!" God is good.
Amen! 3 people are praising.
posted by: June Greathouse on 12/8/2017

Adam is a pilot in the Air Force. He is in very serious condition with "air on his brain", probably due to a crack in the skull which was caused by "pulling too many G's while flying". The doctors can't find the crack. His father told me that "our strong, powerful prayers would be greatly appreciated".
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posted by: Vera E Williams on 11/24/2017

Praise God! Both are home from hospital, 3yr old on Thanksgiving Day was released and !0 yr old today, day after Thanksgiving!Thank you for all the prayer warriors! God is good and Miracles happen everyday
Amen! 5 people are praising.
Healing miracle needed
posted by: Lynda on 11/24/2017

My friend Mary Jane Marlow was just diagnosed with cancer in her spine and lungs. She beat breast cancer 13 years ago so please pray that God will heal her again. In her words, "I would ask that you pray for me. With enough prayer, I feel I can and the chemo can hold off, reduce, or eliminate the cancer. God has plans for all of us when we come to this world. This cancer could be in my plans or it could be something that I can request be changed so I can live longer to do what I came here in the first place to do."
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Baby Spencer
posted by: Crystal on 11/1/2017

Update on baby Spencer, as of right now her is presently in surgery at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and will be transferred to Children's hospital Los Angeles. Holes was discovered in his trachea, aorta and esophagus. Doctors tell what is causing this. Thank you for your continued pray for God's precious gift.
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Kevin Illig
posted by: Terry Long on 10/28/2017

Kevin was admitted to Community Memorial Hospital last night because fluids were building up again in his lungs. He will need to have a procedure to insert a drain tube, which will probably happen on Sunday (10-29-17). Please keep Kevin and the family in prayer ~ he needs a supernatural healing, because there are more chemo treatments and possibly a stem cell transplant in the future.
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My friend Ann and her husband
posted by: Linda Stockton on 10/12/2017

Please pray for God to do a miracle and allow them to keep their family home. Their mortgage has increased drastically and they need a refinance loan that they can live with. Pray for God to intervene with the decision-makers and for miraculous provision. This is urgent!!! Ann and her husband are born-again Believers. Also pray against discouragement and for their faith to be strengthened. Thank you so much for your prayers!!
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