Worship Discipleship

Hosted at: The River Community Church
May 20th – 22nd  |  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

To cultivate and inspire a heart of true worship Three nights only (Mon-Tues-Wed) focus includes:

* The heart and character of true worship
* Developing excellence in life and ministry * Our gifts and their purpose
* Understanding our calling
* The character and nature of God
* Representing the presence of God
*The Power of unity and serving the Body

This workshop is designed to inspire and equip the believer toward a life of true worship on a foundation of biblical understanding. This class is open to anyone who desires to pursue a life of authentic worship.
*includes course materials, devotional book, and refreshments.
*Please call or email if you desire to attend, Thank You.
* RSVP: Troy Jones- 805-890-4224
email: Troy@YwamVentura.org