There are two parts to the story of The River Community Church – the rich legacy of the works of God, which began almost a century ago and the history and direction of The River Community Church. This property has seen a move of the power of God on many, many occasions as it was home to one of the earliest Foursquare churches; it has witnessed miracles and seen signs and wonders that build the faith of those who hear them.


The River Community Church grew out of a Bible study at East Ventura Foursquare Church, led by Jim and Pam Duran in 2003. The next year, Pastor Jim and Pam started The River Community Church. They met in homes, schools and various other venues – confident that the Lord would give them a building when HE was ready, because they believed that the Lord did not want them in serious debt – that His purposes could, and often are, accomplished without a building. Their godly patience was rewarded in 2012 when they received a call from their District Supervisor offering this iconic building steeped in the move of God to Pastor Jim, Pam and The River congregation. They graciously accepted, and the rest is history.

Today, The River continues the rich legacy it inherited by loving God and loving people. Please join us one Sunday; we’d love to hear your story!